Bowing Down Before You!


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A book "Bowing Down Before You!" by the ethnographer Lyudmila Kalashnikova saw the light of day in November 2011 . This is the best present you can ever give to your child. The edition will appeal to everybody interested in the Ukrainian people’s everyday life, customs, folk lore and architecture. The editorial staff maintain that such a book is a must in every household, especially where there are children. The text can be read in one gulp leaving vivid mental images of a blue-eyed blacksmith with black hands and white bread, a young daughter-in-law painting floral ornaments on the walls, tchoomaks ( Ukrainian ox-cart drivers) setting off on a long and dangerous journey, the sounds of trembitas (Guzul pipes) soaring like birds into the sky over the mountain meadows… Should your family want to get their money back on reading the book, contact "Kovalska Maysternya". Still, we are sure nobody would want to part with this volume. The 144-page book is richly illustrated and published in hardback. 


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