Artistic Metal


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Architectural ornaments apply to an interesting variety of beaten artistic metal of the architectural buildings exterior. Multifunctional in nature, they often fade into oblivion because of lack of knowledge or, alas, intentionally. History is a strict teacher, never turning a blind eye to superficial studying, when centuries old experience is being ignored. But it shouldn’t be.

The legacy of blacksmithing could be not only a source of learning, but also a creative impulse for individuals. This edition deals with architectural ornaments interest in which has been boosted by the artistic blacksmiths, masters and private customers over the last few years.
Architectural ornaments include:
- weathercocks
- post poles
- crowns
- combs
- fans
- dome crosses
- signs

It should be noted that the items being an inseparable part of certain architectural styles are often combined depending on their types. 

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