10 Feb

 Attention! There is a blacksmithing festival “Forge en Fête”, which will take place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th of May at the Open Air Museum in Villeneuve d’Ascq city, in the north of France, near Lille. This event is hold one time in two year and is the attractive professional show of smith art.

- The theme of this year is “Lights and Colours”.
- It is the date chosen in France for the national event “Night at the Museums”, when the museums are free and open late at night.
- It is possible to forge until 11pm, so the festival will attract many visitors
- There is an exhibition of forged art works during the festival
- All people will have the possibility to visit the museum
- Saturday dinner will be a wonderful opportunity for new greetings and professional exchange
- Camping on the ground of the museum or hotel is an option
The environment is possible to observe at the link
- The Zele Fer team will be happy to see new and well known friends of the festival

Editor of the blacksmithing magazine “Kovalska Maysternya” organizes the Ukrainian team to participate at the event. Address us with your proposals and suggestions: +38 (044)537-33-39, +38 (044)451-45-43, +38 098-500-33-77

mpa forgerons_mai2014



06 Feb

Dear people! There is a war in Ukraine. Someone protects the country, another people is engaged in volunteer work, helping to those who are in the trenches, some Ukrainians treat the wounded or support the families of the war's victims .... WE DO THE BEST THAT WE CAN DO - we sow in the future. We act, regardless of where the front line is, but it has not to be placed in the very center of our hearts. We find it hard to concentrate on painting, but we are confident that we can speak directly with God. Especially when we are in danger in all sides. Sacrifices of our relatives, acquaintances, friends tell to us, the living, about the duty of prayer for them, and cry out for mutual aid.  In any way the alienate or disappointment should not let their shoots.

Exhibitions "FOR THE LORD I CREATE MY BEST" continue their traveling among the people during many years. Their geography covers more than thirty cities of Ukraine: Kharkov and Kirovograd, Odessa and Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil and Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Podpechery, Nadvirna, Galich, Rozhnyativ, Kolomya, Yaremche, Yezupil, Uniz; the exhibitions act at different grounds of international festivals, in the corridors of government officials, in the schools, hospitals, museums or shopping malls. Actually the exhibition 2013 runs between Kramatorsk and Berdyansk. (You can follow the Facebook page "FOR THE LORD I CREATE MY BEST")
All of your previous work touched the hearts of many people. It was noticeable that you created your art work with the cooperation of Lord.
Last year alltroubles and all events were related to the Maidan, after several monthes the war entered in Ukraine. We had not filled the competition because it was not possible. Now it is also not, but our hope is not lost! And so we act and create!
We ask our Lord to give for us new forces for creating! Some art pieces which will be strong and the best!!! We have to create the best in this world for our Lord!!!
ATTENTION! We start the contest "FOR THE LORD I CREATE MY BEST-2015"


05 Feb


Since 20 to 23 of April 2015 in Koshitse, Slovakia, one of the nearest big city of EU to Ukraine, the International Business Forum «SUBF 2015» will take place. This is a real opportunity for all producers of goods and services in Ukraine to present their products and to acquaint the exterior markets of EU and others countries with new suppliers. Thus, this is a for the first time that Ukraine presents the native export enterprises and the possibilities of our country on the own area on the territory of EU. The organizers of this event are EC «Kratos» with Slovakia partners. Forum has a top official support in Slovakia and Ukraine.  Such exhibition-forum previews the development of dozen new sales abroad and can really be very helpful to Ukrainian economical system. Actually there is a subject about many foreign customers and real deals, sometimes even very inexpected by the concervative "experts".

All detailed information about Forum's participation is valuable at http://www.kratos.net.ua/exhib/15/doc/invitation_and_participation_conditions_SUBF_2015.pdf
There is a possibility of partnership within the framework of Forum for all interested companies


Organizators:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , http://www.kratos.net.ua/exhebition.htm, tel: +38 (044) 2090711, +38 (067) 5539901.