25 Dec

The words "Blacksmiths for freedom" became the main motto during the "Christmas forging" festival in Ybbsitz, Austria, since 20 to 21 of December 2014. I think that it is not surprisingly, as in spite of industrial progress, achievements in education and medicine, the world did not obtain the confidenty look to the future. On the contrary, every day we all realize and mull over with horror about the fragility of human life under human control. This freedom that Lord gave to all people became too heavy burden for the person who is unable to humilate himself under the hand of the Creator.


We propose you to study the short photo report how the philosophy of freedom is expressed in the metal of different smiths through over the world. Detailed information about the festival you can read in the spring issue of "Kovalska Maysternya" magazine in 2015.

DSC 6603


28 Nov

28 of November the National museum of Ukrainian folk decorative art in warm and friendly atmosphere opens its doors for the visitors of the exhibition "Quadra mini-metal. Jewelry art of mini enamel". This event gathered 18 masters of jewelry art and 11 professionals of hot enamel (between them there were the members of the National Union of artists of Ukraine, the members of Union of designers of Ukraine, Honored Ukrainian artists). Such level exhibition takes place one time in four years, thus it is in fact the report about the development of the authors' art of gold in Ukraine. The particularity of this year exhibition became the masterpieces, made in technics of hot enamel of such well known Ukrainian masters as Olexander Boroday, Stanislav Volskyi, Vitaliy Khomenko, Ivan Yurkov, Stanislav Yushkov, Michail Nikolaev, Tatiana Kolechko, Ustim Fedko. There were the young talented masters' art works also presented as the handcraft of Oleksandra Barbalat, Maria Zenkova, Maria Lutsik. The detailed report and some ideas about the state of the jewelry industry in our coutry from Lilia Pasichnik, author of the artistical project concept, curator and art critic, you can read in our magazine "Kovalska Maysternya" autumn-winter (37-38) 2014.



15 Nov

November 13, 2014 in the blacksmithing professional holiday (Day of Kuzma and Damian, patrons of blacksmithing art), the Ukrainian smiths, mostly, worked nonstop. In Kyiv region, all professional smiths and welders gathered in small city Rokitnoe, with a goal to manufacture and to transfer to Donetsk region through volunteers the "mobile stoves" to protect the Ukrainian defenders against cold. During the event, organized by the "Forge" Rosich" (Yuri Vyrodov and forge workers), eleven stoves were produces grace of the common efforts of welders and blacksmiths.


Women and children were not apart of the work. One tied warm socks and sweaters for our soldiers, another made a cover masking netting, the children wrote numerous letters and drew the symbolical pictures to support the freedom spirit of the Ukrainian army.
Detailed information can be found in "KM» №3 autumn-winter (37-38) 2014. Thank you to all who sent photos and information to the editor!